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Great Idea, Difficult To Use - Pentax K-01 2021 Review (full-spectrum converted mirrorless camera)

In a round about way, I finally got to try the Pentax K-01! The infamous brick! I actually don't mind the looks so much (sort of like it), and the image quality is fantastic. It does have some annoying quirks with the button layout and overall usability that would make me not recommend it under normal conditions. But if the Pentax K-01 looks fun to you, then you will not be disappointed in the images it can produce. And an infrared converted one is pretty fun. :)

High-quality pics you saw in the video

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io io : The K01 is essentially a K5 in a brick - which has excellent image quality.
Milad JP : This is one of the most underrated YouTube Accounts! Thank you for your time, for showing cameras I've not seen yet or forgot about it.
4035mw : I have a full spectrum blue and white K01, people told me so many times how beautiful my K01 is. I didn’t have problem with the small shutter button, K01 is easy to use because my hands are very small. Maybe this camera is designed for women, lol! Although not the best Pentax camera, but this is the perfect camera for full spectrum conversion (according to the person who converted my KP to full spectrum, he only charges $150 to convert K01, verse $350 for KP). Sadly my K01 is broken (sticky shutter). I am still looking for a new shutter for K01. Love your YouTube, keep up the good work!
J F : Man I love how you focus on a lot of older cameras. There are so many people buying 2nd hand and its great to have someone give a 2021 perspective on older tech. Keep up the good work!
xmeda : Nice video as always! :)) We had one unit in lab at university during my phd studies, used mostly on microscope, where optical viewfinder was useless due to focusing screen interfering with large magnification and polarised light. (And probably it is still there working together with old Kx). So I had some chance to test it a bit too. At the same time I had my own K5 for comparison.
It is usable if one can survive that limited autofocus and ugly or "special" look :). Sensor from K5 boasts the same resolution, nice HI-ISO and good dynamic range. I was missing my favourite TAv setting and of course the front roller. Yes that grip and overall ergonomy is painful when compared to cute K5. The pricing was very close to K5 territory too, which with such design as combination probably devastated sales a lot. Why one would buy this if K5 with proper pentaprism, grip, rollers and full DSLR potential was so close.

Strange K30 received classic K50 replacement. Strange KS-1 received KS-2 replacement. Unfortunately they forgot to make some K-02 too that will be more classic looking piece with classic control. Just like cheaper K5 without OVF and with same electronics like this camera has.

Btw. there was prototype of some wide lens with back element protruding deep into "mirrorbox" hole for this camera. But low sales of that camera probably prevented such line of lenses... https://www.pentaxforums.com/content/uploads/files/1/p402/medium/20120208_6.jpg

How the Pentax K-01’s crappy video quality made me a better videographer

Jordan promised to shoot four episodes with the Pentax K-01 when reached 300,000 YouTube subscribers. Find out what he learned about shooting with this less-than-stellar camera.

Music provided by BeatSuite.com

Special thanks to Peter Jeune for the use of his K-01.

Special thanks to Andrew Suderman for use of his Pentax lenses.

See how the Pentax K-01 does in the DPReview Video Studio Scene:

Episodes shot on the Pentax K-01

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BCPaul : Honestly, the whole experiment just left me more impressed with Jordan's skills than the already high opinion I had of him.
tugatomsk animation : Now that the new Pentax K-3 III has been released, you have the opportunity to shoot video with it and assess how much Pentax video has improved.
Paul Bourdin : Very well done Jordan, that is a proof that talent , knowledge and wisdom are way more important than the gear for anything!!!
Kusanagi Kyo : People are always just complimenting the camera but forgot that the very important thing is the person behind it. This proves that any talented person can do anything with any tools.
CDNChaoZ : I have a K-01, and while it's not even a great stills camera, there's just something about it that I love. Maybe because it mildly resembles a children's camera. Sure it was a commercial failure, but I have to give Pentax credit for doing something different.

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「PENTAX K-01」です



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Kobayashi Q : K-01はローパスが薄く、解像度が意外と高いという良い特徴があったかと思います。
TKS8921 : これがミラーレスだったことを今更知りましたw ダメな部分も含めて愛着を持っていることが伝わってきて良かったですw 製品を低く評価する動画はどうしても低評価が増えてしまうことが避けられませんが、本当に楽しく拝見させて頂いたので是非シリーズ化してほしいです!
T H : デザイン最高、ミラーレスなのに分厚いw写りはそんなに悪くないとおもいますよ!
Kei Nada : ペンタックスのカメラについて語るプロカメラマンは殆ど居ませんよね。だからホント退屈な動画ばかりだったので、楽しく見させて頂きました!
シグマの30mm F1.4 Art着けて遊んでますが楽しいです 笑
S- T2 : まあ、ミラーレス創世記ですからね。




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