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Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 1974 Video Sound HQ

BTO - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Single, Album, Not Fragile 1974)
Randy Bachman - Vocals, Guitar
C. Fred Turner - Bass
Blair Thornton - Lead Guitar
Robbie Bachman - Drums
Scott Cromwell : Being 20 in the Seventies was a lot more fun than being 70 in the Twenties. Rock on!
Tomasita Pazos : this song is soo good my neighbors threw a brick through my window to hear it better
Robert Baglin : What a fantastic decade to grow up in absolutely loved every minute of it.
Chad Lee : I miss the days when hundreds of songs as good as this or better were played like it wasn't nothing .
SK SK : 47 years now and this song is still g-g-g-g-great.

Stutter in a song, one must be really c-c-c-c-crazy even to think about it. It's absolutely f-f-f-f-fantastic.

What a cracking tune. It's a monster p-p-p-p-piece.

Forget covid jab, how about an adrenaline jab for a ch-ch-ch-ch-change.

B̰a̰c̰h̰man Turner O̰v̰ḛr̰drive-N̰o̰t̰ ̰F̰ragile 1973 Full Album HQ

MazNour II : Lato A

Not Fragile (Chitarra solista: Randy - canale sinistro; Blair - canale destro) – (C.F. Turner) 00:00
Rock Is My Life, and This Is My Song (Chitarra solista: Randy - canale sinistro; Blair - canale destro) – (Randy Bachman) 04:07
Roll on Down the Highway (Chitarra solista: Randy) – (C.F. Turner, Rob Bachman) 09:13
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (Chitarra solista: Randy) – (Randy Bachman) 13:12
Free Wheelin' (Chitarra solista: Randy - canale sinistro; Blair - canale destro) – (Blair Thornton) – For Duane 17:10

Lato B

Sledgehammer (Chitarra solista: Randy - canale sinistro; Blair - canale destro) – (Randy Bachman) 20:58
Blue Moanin' (Chitarra solista: Blair) – (C.F. Turner) 25:34
Second Hand (Chitarra solista: Blair: Introduzione e parte finale, canale sinistro; Randy, parte centrale) – (Randy Bachman) 29:20
Givin' It All Away (Chitarra solista: Randy) – (Blair Thornton) 32:43

he original album cover listed "Free Wheelin'" as "Dedicated to Duane". Mercury "Musicassettes" (MCR4-1-1004) of Not Fragile were initially manufactured with "Free Wheelin'" divided into two tracks: "Free Wheelin' (Beg.)" on Program 1, and "Free Wheelin' (Concl.)" starting off Program 2. Although the track is split over the two programs (making each program equal in time at 18:19 each), the album's running order remains intact. This is a programming character usually used for 8-track tapes and rarely for cassettes.

Randy Bachman - vocals, guitars
Robbie Bachman - percussion, drums
Blair Thornton - guitars, backing vocals
C.F. Turner - vocals, bass guitar
Frank Trowbridge - slide guitar (on "Blue Moanin'")


Producer: Randy Bachman
Engineer: Mark Smith
Assistant engineer: Buzz Richmond
Mixing assistant: Richard Dashut
Mastering: Tom "Curly" Ruff
Recording Studio: Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle, WA
Mixed at: Sound City Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Equipment: John Austin and Weasel (Greg) Morgan
Design: Joe Kotleba
Art direction: Jim Ladwig
Photography: John Brott, Tom Zamiar
Flynn Stone : Takes me back to my living room as a teenager in the 70s. Parents are out and I've got it cranked. Awesome.
Wayne Millward : A classic album from a classic decade of music, as well as a great band!!
AFTERBURNER Joslyn : Great lp, great band , " NOT FRAGILE just HEAVY! Hell yeah!
Mike Dial : Man, these guys made some balls-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll, with humor and confidence.

Bachman Turner - Live - Full Show - by Gene Greenwood

Bachman Turner - Live - Full Show
Shot on location at THE COMMODORE BALLROOM
Production by Farting Puppy Productions / Gene Greenwood
00:00:00 - 00:04:45 - Roll On Down The Highway [BTO]
00:04:46 - 00:09:40 - Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song [BTO]
00:09:41 - 00:14:08 - Not Fragile [BTO]
00:14:09 - 00:17:40 - Hey You [BTO]
00:17:41 - 00:22:12 - Hold Back The Water [BTO]
00:22:13 - 00:27:30 - The Waiting Game [BT]
00:27:31 - 00:31:47 - Moonlight Rider [BT]
00:31:48 - 00:37:16 - Looking Out For Number One [BTO]
00:37:17 - 00:41:35 - Stayed Awake All Night [BTO]
00:41:36 - 00:44:14 - American Woman [BTO]
00:44:15 - 00:49:45 - Four Wheel Drive [BTO]
00:49:46 - 00:53:46 - Slave To The Rhythm [BT]
00:53:47 - 00:58:27 - Sledgehammer [BTO]
00:58:28 - 01:02:02 - Rollin' Along [BT]
01:02:03 - 01:06:18 - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet [BTO]
01:06:19 - 01:06:49 - "Thank You" !
01:06:50 - 01:11:55 - Let It Ride [BTO]
01:11:56 - 01:12:40 - "Family Joins In" !
01:12:41 - 01:16:35 - Takin' Care Of business [BTO]
01:16:36 - 01:17:08 - "Happy Birthday" !
in5d : Fred's scream @ 13:28 still gives me chills!!! He hasn't lost anything on his voice!
Samuel Cole : Unbelievably Baffles me as to how Fred Turner still has that unique voice with those amazing gravely of the most under-rated Rock singers ever barr none.....Bravo Fred.
David Jones : Randy and Fred would sound good with no one else on stage. This generation can't write this kind of stuff.
Thunkle : That was fun !! I am 49 now and I remember buying B.T.O> 45's back in 74-75. Never got to see them live. This was a treat !! Thank You Gene !!




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